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About Us

We are a small family owned farm, with a long line of experienced horsemanship, our horses are personally cared for and loved by our family. We keep only a few horses at a time, so that each one of them receives personal attention! Our "moms/dads" owners are always more than happy to share comments about our farm with anyone looking to come board with us. We love visits anytime from our owners, and we will help accommodate with lodging and airport pick ups. We have made many new friends from all over.

Five Springs Farm was established in 2006 on 132 acres.We decided to raise South Africian Boer goats, which lasted for about 1 year.

With a true love of horses and being in the boarding business a few years back, we decided to get into horse retirement.
As a child growing up, horses were a big part of Debbie's life.
Owning her first horse at age 12, she rode her large pony named Chrisy, "a Christmas present" everywhere. Unlike most young riders with their colorful and eventful show careers, she rode her best friend bareback and never owned a saddle.
But the adventures they had together where packed full of fun and excitement, riding through the woods and jumping everything in sight! As they put their trust in each other, this formed a special bond that only someone with a love of horses, could truly understand!

Years later when Mike and Debbie married, they built a new home and barn. That's when they started their first boarding facility in the 1990's which lasted until they moved and started the current horse retirement farm.
Our daughter Sarah, was raised on the scent of leather, nuzzling against soft warm muzzles and running her tiny hands over the soft furry necks of horses. She inherited the love and addiction of horses like her mom, and so many other little girls.
And that being said.....Debbie "me" became a........."SHOW MOM"..... for 15+ years!!! So many moms can relate I know..lol!
Sarah's experience and knowledge of horses, is a great asset in caring for and helping to run Five Springs Farm! There is virtually 60 years of experience in horse care in our family.

And of course Mike has always been the supporting father and husband. He has, and still is building run-ins, fences, takes excellent care of the pastures,  and the barn!

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Five Springs Farms

Mike and Debbie Mayo
Rice, VA

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